by Edgar David Grana




Waves of time run through my mind like setting suns
An empty beach once held our feet
On sleepy Sundays
I leave my handkerchief behind
You’ll bring it back to me.
A stained glass window has a chorus of the world
Singing their song slightly out of tune
Touches our love with pale moon light

Old face in the moon can I talk to you soon
We wander to the ocean edge.
The waiting tide rocks back and forth. The moon
Are we moonstruck? Are we moon struck?

Trails of sand bend through the land
You take my hand lazy sun rays
Burn out the mist
As we kiss quickly at night
Dreams talk of truth intoxicate
While parasols sail past us you talk your fading
Voice falls with each word
A diplomat who supplies the truth
Dabbing your face with pale moon-light

We climbed with the moon to the altar of youth
Do the years drift away too soon?
Dark mother can you chance a dance with us
We are moon struck we are moon struck

Run Run Run coyote run

Words sublime trapped in my mind
A bird in flight needs space between the earth and night
Can you hear my words over nightly footsteps?
Beneath the gate seeking to escape
You walk into the plaza
Seeking my pale arms I take my time
Moving down the stairs
Twisting my hair fingers like pearls


released January 29, 2012



all rights reserved


Edgar David Grana Brooklyn, New York

Lyric Drama Tashi Tibet-Composer/Collaborator with book writer Pam Brunsvold Rummel China's invasion of Tibet. Ballet from the Beginning-Composer based on a story by Pam Rummel. Mr. Grana is recorded on ‘NEWPORT CLASSIC RECORDS’ with Kurt Vonnegut & jazz Saxophonist Michael Brecker, went double platinum with Kip Winger on Winger album. ... more

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